Monday, June 27, 2011

It's coming :)

I get the full report for my SAT scores on June 28th, so im waiting until midnight to log onto to college board website & see what's up !
Also a post on "What I love for Summer 2011"
*Probably tomorrow, once I find my camera cord.

#ThatIsAll :)

                         Sincerely, Adrii

Saturday, June 25, 2011

SAT scores are in...

I took one of the biggest steps in my highschool :to: college transition on June 4th, 2011.
I went to my closest local highschool & embarked on my very 1st college level exam, the SAT.
While taking it I felt oddly comfortable, even though I hadn't prepared AT ALL for the exam.

Now scores are in...
& I scored a 1776. Average is 1500.
I have a high enough score to get into my college of choice !!!!

Which is...
Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. Also known as FAMU.

I am so proud of myself & eager to retake the exam after doing some studying this time ! :D (Scoutshonor ;p)

BREAK-DOWN: ( My scores)
-Critical Reading    650
-Math                    500
-Writing                 560
-Multiple Choice      60 (score range 20-80)
-Essay                       6   (score range 2-12)

-Critical Reading    460
-Math                    460
-Writing                 440

So overall this is a HAPPY blog post ! SUPER EXCITED LOL!
I'm like a kid in a candy store right now! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Coming soon ! :)

My mom came home today & she had a present for me. :)
-While rummage sell shopping she found a Maxiglide XP Flat Iron 

She ended up paying only $2.00 for it ! Ive been looking online & these are the stats for the flatiron ::::::::
This website sells the exact same iron my mom purchase for 2 dollars for ------>$139.99 (Sale Price)/ $150.00 (Regular Price)
 The reason I'm uber excited about this is because I have needed a new iron for the last few months ! I have VERY VERY VERY curly & sometimes unruly hair. I plan on trying out this iron & doing my very 1st product review !!! I cant wait !!!
Also this iron has a steam button & I am eager to see how steam would be either beneficial or a complete bust on my type of hair. Well I am signing off for now.
                                                                Sincerely, Adrii < 3

Here is a factory photo (I will post *my actual pics on the PRODUCT REVIEW...*future post)

The reasons for this BLOG

I myself am still working out the kinks in why exactly I have started this blog.
I have come up with a pretty genius bunch of reasons (if I say so myself (; )

  • For one I really want to document my Senior year. !
  • Also I am really into fashion & makeup. & I have heard (and seen) blogs like:
-   Dulce Candy <3 (whom I've been keeping up with for the last year !) & The lovely Cess <3 are extremely expressive in their fashion senses with "Outfit of the Day" posts, "Haul Videos", & Makeup Tutorials.
  • I also love the idea of meeting now people & learning new ideas for crafts & life all together. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Little About Adrii

For future references this is a little bit about a very complicated 17 year old girl.

              Name Adrienne Michelle
Nickname(s) Adrii, Beijing
Age 17
Birthday April 15, 1994
Birthplace Ft. Hood, Texas
Current Location Jacksonville, Fl
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Currently Black
Height 5'6
Weight 135
Lefty or Righty Righty
Zodiac Sign Aries
What Do You Drive My two feet

Color Lilac
Number 39
Band Panic At The Disco
Music Genre R&B
TV Show Basketball Wives
Movie Confessions of a Shopoholic
Actor Will Smith
Actress None
Kind of Movie Horror
Cartoon Avatar the Last Airbender
Sport Basketball
Fast Food Restaurant Wendy's
Food   Pepperoni Pizza
Ice Cream Oreo
Cereal Captain Crunch
Candy Butter Finger
Drink Powerade
Alcoholic Beverage n/a
{---Do You---}
Have any siblings yes (2) Justina & Nicholas
Have any pets yes (4) 1 dog 3 cats
Have a job nope, but looking
Have a cellphone of course
Have any special talents or skills not really
Have any fears umm sorta
Have a bedtime no
Sing in the shower nope
Want to go to college yes & so anxious/nervous
Get along with your parents my father yes
Have any piercings belly & ears
Have any tattoos nooooo
Swear ...
Smoke heck no !
Drink no
Do Drugs noooooooo!
{---Love & All That Crap---}<3
Ever been in love yes :)
Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend cheated?? no
Are you single no
Are you in a relationship yes I am
Do you have a crush on someone nope
Ever been dumped no
Ever dumped someone yes
{---This or That---}
Fruit or Vegetable veggie...(celery)
Black or White both :) Since I'm both!
Lights On or Lights Off off
TV or Movie movie
Car or Truck car
Cash or Check cash
Rock or Rap rap
Chocolate or Vanilla chocolate
French Toast or French Fries   French toast
Strawberries or Blueberries strawberries
Cookies or Muffins cookies
Winter Break or Spring Break winter break, its longer
Hugs or Kisses hugs
{---Have You Ever---}
Danced in a public place yes
Smiled for no reason there is always a reason if you smile
Laughed so hard you cried yes plenty times
Talked to someone you don't know yes, its called life
Drank alcohol yes, bad i know
Done drugs noooo
Partied 'til the sun came up no
Gotten a ticket no
Been arrested no
Been convicted of a crime no
Been in a wreck no
Been out of the country no
{---Random & Silly Junk---}

Ever TP'd someone's house no
Ever egged someone's house yes in Elementary
How many languages do you speak (2) asl & english
Who do you compare yourself to I was made in God's image
Ever regret anything yes
Do you like being tickled no I hate it
What are your goals Later blog for that :)
Are your fingers tired no, but my head hurts
Are you tired of this survey yeah, its pretty boring....
Are you happy always :D

A New Chapter, In Every Sense

This is me :)
Hello & welcome to my very first blog. I'm Adrienne, but if you decide to stick with me on my blogging journey you will get to know me as Adrii.

I decided to document my senior year with this blog, & if noone ends up reading this, I will be perfectly fine with that :)

If you are new to this blog thing like me, leave a comment so we can go through this together.