Friday, August 19, 2011

Senior Schedule :)

My schedule is in for the 2011-2012 school year.

I went to my school's orientation on Thursday & got my books & schedule for the year. I didnt buy a locker because they cost $10.00 this year & I refuse to pay $10.00 for a locker I get to use for a few months... -_-

My schedule is everything I asked for last May when Junior got to pick their senior schedules.

-Advance Placement Microeconomics (Turns into Macroeconomics in the 2nd semester)
-College Math Prep (SAT/ACT geared prep class for seniors only)
-American Sign Language 3 (All time fav. class!!!!)
-Drivers Ed (I know I'm a little late on learning how to drive (: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER) (Turns into Advanced Placement US Government in 2nd semester)
-Intro To Information (Business Class)
-Advanced Placement Statistics
-Advanced Placement English Literature (I know Im gonna love this class!)
-Materials & Processes A.K.A "Wood-shop" (I am getting this class changed *hopefully, Idk into what yet, but I decided over the summer that I dont want this class anymore.)

Thanks to every single follower :)

& Shoutout to everyone who has ever commented on any of my post ! <3 yu guys *MUahhh

Sincerely, Adrii <3

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Big Day

   My big day is almost here !
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
I will be taking my senior pictures !
It may seem like a menial thing, but I had to go through alot to be able to order & find outfits & a ride to these pictures !
I feel like this is my very first senior activity , & I am beyond stoked lol :D

I forgot my Forever21 bag in a payless shoe store. :(
BUT, a payless employee found it & I'm going to pick it up sometime today. !
Lucky me :)

Well, besides senior pictures I have to look into my college application to Miami U !
Im doing early decision, so I have to turn in my application by November 1st, which is right around the corner !

School starts the 22nd for me & I'm so ready to get this senior year A'Rollin !

Thanks for reading, that is all for now, I'm cutting a bit short because I have to get ready for the day :)
Blog yu later my Faithful Followers.

Sincerely, Adrii

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Top Love(< 3) Songs !

Since I been away so long, I'm gonna give you lovely ladies a little something to perk your hearts up !


First is this GREAT song by a pretty underrated artist by the name of Priscilla Renea. You may know her from the hit "Dollhouse" , but she has many many more wonderful songs out that I recommend you go look up on YouTube.
Priscilla Renea- I Fell In Love With You
Here is A new one from the mighty "B". The words are really simple, but sometimes simple is all it takes to express love.

If you watched the TV show on Bravo "Platinum Hit" you are familiar with this songwriter Sonyae. This show wasn't based on who could sing the best, it was a songwriting competition. Sonyae won based on this song ! Listen to the beautiful lyrics :)
Sonyae-My Religion

Bruno Mars marked his name into every household with this song !
Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are

Next up, is a new hit by Chris Breezy <3
Chris Brown-She ain't You

I'm gonna put this in the "Love songs" category, but some may disagree with me. This song is blazin' up the radio stations right now, everyone seems to love it! Including me. *
Drake-Marvin's Room

Most people have never heard this song, but that doesn't take away from the power it holds.
Teairra Mari-Hunt for You

Plain White Tees-Hey There Delilah

* I dedicate this list tot he hunny Curtis <3 lol
-            Let me know some of your fav. LOVE songs !

Sincerely, Adrii :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Its been too long...

Helloo faithful followers, I've been away from the blogging world for quite some time now, & really have missed it ! :)
  Our internet was off for about 2 weeks, & thus ; no blogging for adrii :/
Life has been boring, & not too much going on.

               In other news :
*I've decided to not retake my SATs, Im happy with the scores I got, & they are good enough for any college I want to attend.
*I've decided to take one shot at the ACT in october. (Just to see how well I do.)
*Me & Curtis are still together, 1 year & 4 months :D yay! 
*My dad is ordering my senior pictures & I've decided to go with Prestige Portraits. Anyone every been with them? Let me know :)
Thats all for now Folks, I just had to update & let you beauts know that I am okay :)
Sincerely, Adrii <3