Friday, August 19, 2011

Senior Schedule :)

My schedule is in for the 2011-2012 school year.

I went to my school's orientation on Thursday & got my books & schedule for the year. I didnt buy a locker because they cost $10.00 this year & I refuse to pay $10.00 for a locker I get to use for a few months... -_-

My schedule is everything I asked for last May when Junior got to pick their senior schedules.

-Advance Placement Microeconomics (Turns into Macroeconomics in the 2nd semester)
-College Math Prep (SAT/ACT geared prep class for seniors only)
-American Sign Language 3 (All time fav. class!!!!)
-Drivers Ed (I know I'm a little late on learning how to drive (: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER) (Turns into Advanced Placement US Government in 2nd semester)
-Intro To Information (Business Class)
-Advanced Placement Statistics
-Advanced Placement English Literature (I know Im gonna love this class!)
-Materials & Processes A.K.A "Wood-shop" (I am getting this class changed *hopefully, Idk into what yet, but I decided over the summer that I dont want this class anymore.)

Thanks to every single follower :)

& Shoutout to everyone who has ever commented on any of my post ! <3 yu guys *MUahhh

Sincerely, Adrii <3

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