Friday, June 24, 2011

Coming soon ! :)

My mom came home today & she had a present for me. :)
-While rummage sell shopping she found a Maxiglide XP Flat Iron 

She ended up paying only $2.00 for it ! Ive been looking online & these are the stats for the flatiron ::::::::
This website sells the exact same iron my mom purchase for 2 dollars for ------>$139.99 (Sale Price)/ $150.00 (Regular Price)
 The reason I'm uber excited about this is because I have needed a new iron for the last few months ! I have VERY VERY VERY curly & sometimes unruly hair. I plan on trying out this iron & doing my very 1st product review !!! I cant wait !!!
Also this iron has a steam button & I am eager to see how steam would be either beneficial or a complete bust on my type of hair. Well I am signing off for now.
                                                                Sincerely, Adrii < 3

Here is a factory photo (I will post *my actual pics on the PRODUCT REVIEW...*future post)

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