Saturday, June 25, 2011

SAT scores are in...

I took one of the biggest steps in my highschool :to: college transition on June 4th, 2011.
I went to my closest local highschool & embarked on my very 1st college level exam, the SAT.
While taking it I felt oddly comfortable, even though I hadn't prepared AT ALL for the exam.

Now scores are in...
& I scored a 1776. Average is 1500.
I have a high enough score to get into my college of choice !!!!

Which is...
Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. Also known as FAMU.

I am so proud of myself & eager to retake the exam after doing some studying this time ! :D (Scoutshonor ;p)

BREAK-DOWN: ( My scores)
-Critical Reading    650
-Math                    500
-Writing                 560
-Multiple Choice      60 (score range 20-80)
-Essay                       6   (score range 2-12)

-Critical Reading    460
-Math                    460
-Writing                 440

So overall this is a HAPPY blog post ! SUPER EXCITED LOL!
I'm like a kid in a candy store right now! 


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    thanks so much!

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  3. Thnx Shelby ! Im following your lovely blog! <3 it !

  4. Ayse, im going to follow you now ! Your blog is beautiful, even though I have to translate it lol :)

  5. That's wonderful hun. I'm an alumni of the beautiful florida agricultural and mechanical university. Just stay focused because tallahassee life can be very distracting. You'll be fine. :-)