Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog Award :0


A huge thank you goes out to Arrianna for awarding me Best blog award !

I am very new to blogging & appreciate this recognition, it makes my heart smile. This is a short & sweet thank you because thats my style !

(I got this picture from: thedollardollhouse blog who got it from Lovelyladyjb's blog)
7 random facts about me, Adrii !

1) My mom and I share the same middle name; Michelle.
2) I live with my boyfriend; I am 17, he is 18.
3) I was born on a military base in Texas.
4) I am a huge procrastinator. 
5) I love blogging :D
6) I am currently watching "War of the Roses". Great movie !
7) I go to Planet Fitness 3-4 times a week.

Questions to Answer:
Fave Color -Lilac
Fave Song -At the moment: Rolling in the Deep -Adele
Fave Dessert -MilkShakes
What is pissing you off - The fact that I have to wait for my Showers water to heat up :/
When you're upset you - strike out on the nearest person :)
Fave Pet - My puppy Taffy
Black or White - Mixed...Like me !
Biggest Fear -Fear itself
Best Feature - Eye shape
Everyday Attitude -I dont have one, I'm so different...
What is perfection - God
Guilty Pleasure - I dont want to say.... :(

Now onto the people I award:

Dulce Candy, Pandora's Box, The Dollar Dollhou$e, Tiny Bow, MN: Style Hoard, Latest Fashion Obsessions, Nany'z Closet, Initialed, Lipstick & Pearls, She wears She shares,

*NOTE: I am not into the blogging world as much as I would like to be just yet & cannot name 15 blogs I think deserve a "Best Blog award"

RULES: You must link back to the person who awarded this to you! Share 7 random facts! Award 15 blogs and Answer the questions listed above! And send the ppl awarded a comment letting them know!


  1. I`m sooo thankful for the award :) I will do a post on it soon. Loved reading more about you. May I add you look gorgeous in your profile pic.

  2. Random about me blog posts are really refreshing to see. I loved reading about you.

    I look forward to seeing future posts. I followed your blog. Feel free to follow me too. :D


  3. thanks so much for the award!! :) :) xox

  4. yay! thanx for tagging me again! lol & I love Rolling in the Deep, I sing that alllllll the time lol^.^

  5. thanks! You're the sweetest :)



  6. Every single one of yu ladies deserved it :) Trust me !