Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My fav. Music

Hello My beautiful Followers. I hope your week is going good so far. Not much going on in my life, summer break has  been nothing but constant job searching so far ! 
-I hope you enjoy this list I compiled of my all time fav. Music (Nothin' too new, Thats for a dif. post :)

 This Right Here.. Enough is said in the lyrics :)
For anyone who hasn't heard this song, enjoy !
KeKe Wyatt Ft. Avant- Nothing in this World

This next song, is also by Avant, this time he tears it up all by himself :)
Avant- Seperated

Tank makes a statement with this song. Every time I hear it it hits my heartstrings.
Tank- Please Don't Go 

Everyone has to be familiar with this song, if not, learn to love it !
A true example of an Oldie but Goodie ! -1997
Usher- U Got it Bad

This song had more of a club feel to it then the previous songs, but I still <3ed it back in the day !
Blackstreet- No Diggity

Here goes another HIT ! I actually have this as my message tone right now.  :)
Deborah Cox- Nobody's Supposed to be Here
A little Jamaican flair adds tons of flavor to this song :)
<3 it
Shaggy- It Wasn't Me

Another club song, this one had the whole place JUMPIN' !
(Now I wasn't there but me & my cousins had some wild sleepovers ! ;) *1999
Destiny's Child- Jumpin' Jumpin'

My fam & I used to go crazy over this song !
If you don't listen to any song on this list, listen to this :)
3LW- No More

Not much can be said about this song, except that it is awesome.
TLC- No Scrubz

So I bid ado to all of my amazing viewers & even more beautiful followers ;)
Let me know which ones are your faves & any I didn't add, that should be here !
I'm gonna make another one tomorrow night, maybe ;p, but the next is gonna be more up to date !

                                      Sincerely, Adrii


  1. Awesome list! <3 I love those songs and a lot of those R&B slow jams from the 90s early 2000s. Brandy, Monica, Jill Scott, Musiq, Total, Joe, etc... (I'm thinking off the top of my head lol)

    I know you received one so you don't have to do it again but I'm also giving you the best blog award! Check it out here

    Much Love <3

  2. Seems we have the same tastes in mucsic lol :)
    &Thanks for the award.